Mary Zirin Prize

2015 Mary Zirin Prize

Dr. Rosamund Bartlett is a distinguished translator, notably of Tolstoy and Chekhov, in addition to maintaining an impressive career as fellow, researcher and lecturer in the United Kingdom and Australia. Among her distinctions are her ground-breaking monograph, Wagner and Russia, and her work as Trustee of the Anton Chekhov Foundation, a charity consequent to her establishing the campaign to raise funds for the restoration and preservation of Chekhov's home in Yalta.

Dr. Ellen Elias-Bursac is distinguished both for language pedagogy and as a translator. Fluent in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian, Dr. Elias-Bursac has worked as Reviser for the United Nations, War Crimes Tribunal, English Language Unit. In 2015, her monograph, Translating Evidence and Interpreting Testimony at a War Crimes Tribunal: Working in a Tug-of-War, was published by Palgrave Macmillan.

While these two independent scholars have much in common, their paths are also widely divergent. Each woman serves as a model for the important work, scholarly and socially, that committed independent scholars can achieve.

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