Call for Papers

7th Biennial AWSS Conference: Women, Gender, and Transnationalism: Theory and Practice

March 4-5th, 2015
Lexington, Kentucky

The Association for Women in Slavic Studies (AWSS) is soliciting paper presentations on the theme of “Women, Gender, and Transnationalism: Theory and Practice” for its 7th Biennial Conference to be held on Thursday, March 5, 2015 at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Lexington, KY, with an opening reception on Wednesday, March 4th. The conference will be held in conjunction with the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Southern Conference on Slavic Studies (SCSS), which opens Thursday evening and runs through Saturday. Participants of the AWSS Conference are encouraged to attend and participate in the SCSS conference as well (a separate CFP will be issued for that conference). AWSS Conference participants are eligible to receive the SCSS rate for the hotel, $109.00/night.

Transnationalism is a new and emerging area of study and AWSS is pleased to hold an inaugural conference that interrogates both the theoretical and practical implications of this approach for the field of gender and women’s studies. Participants are encouraged to think about women and gender topics in inter-disciplinary perspective. Papers can be based on comparative gender issues between two or more nations/empires, including those relating to personalities, events, and the circulation and reception of cultural products. Comparative gender studies of social and political phenomena in two or more geographical locales are also welcome, as are topics that trace personal linkages, and how ideas and theories travel across nations and empires. We also encourage submissions that address the history, politics and culture of diaspora communities originating in the Russian, Austro-Hungarian, or Ottoman empires. This conference will give us an opportunity to integrate the history of Eastern Europe, Russia, and Eurasia into world history as we explore the gendered intellectual and material linkages that span the globe.

The keynote talk for the conference will be delivered by Dr. Beth Holmgren, professor and chair of Slavic and Eurasian Studies at Duke University, a specialist in modern Polish and Russian gender studies, film, and theater/performing arts history. She served as AWSS president from 2003-2005, and AAASS president (now ASEEES) in 2008. Her most recent monograph, Starring Madame Modjeska: On Tour in Poland and America, presents a cultural biography of the transnational actress and impresario Helena Modjeska (Modrzejewska) (1840-1909). Starring Madame Modjeska was awarded the Polish American Historical Association Oscar Halecki Prize, the ASEEES Kulczycki Prize for best on any Polish topic, the AWSS Heldt Prize for best book in Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Women's Studies, and Honorable Mention for the Barnard Hewitt Prize in Theatre History from the American Society of Theatre Research. Holmgren's current research focuses on the experience and influence of Warsaw cabaret artists (both Jewish and Gentile) who served in entertainment units attached to the Polish II Corps, informally known as Anders Army, during World War II.

Her keynote lecture, which draws on this new research, is titled "Female Performers in Poland's II Corps (1941-1946): Metro/Folk Symbols and All-Purpose Allies."

The conference organizers invite proposals from scholars at all stages in their careers and in any discipline of Slavic Studies (history, literature, linguistics, political science, sociology, anthropology, economics, gender studies, etc.). Proposals should consist of a 250-word abstract of the paper (including the paper’s title) and a brief one-page CV that includes author’s affiliation and contact information. Proposals are due by December 1, 2014 to Karen Petrone, Chair, Department of History, University of Kentucky, Lexington, and Choi Chatterjee, Professor of History, California State University, Los Angeles Participants will be notified of their acceptance approximately four weeks after the proposal deadline.

Any questions about the conference or the program should be directed to Karen Petrone ( and Choi Chatterjee (

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Outstanding Achievement Award

The AWSS Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes the work of a scholar in the field of Slavic Studies, who has also served as a mentor to female students/colleagues in this field.

To nominate, please 1) write a letter detailing what your candidate for this award has achieved in Slavic Studies in terms of a) scholarship or other professional accomplishment and b) mentoring of female students/colleagues; 2) provide a short list of references with accompanying email addresses so that the committee can contact these referees discreetly for further information. The committee recommends that this list include both peers and students/staff. For a partial list of past recipients click here.

Please email your letter and list by September 15, 2014, to Karen Petrone (Chair) at:; Choi Chatterjee at:; Adele Lindenmeyr at:

Mary Zirin Prize

The Association for Women in Slavic Studies (AWSS) is pleased to announce a call for nominations for the Mary Zirin Prize in recognition of an independent scholar in the field of Slavic Studies. The award of $500 is named for Mary Zirin, the founder of Women East-West.

Working as an independent scholar, Zirin produced and encouraged fundamental works in Slavic/East European Women's Studies and has been instrumental in the development of the AWSS. The Prize aims to recognize the achievements of independent scholars and to encourage their continued scholarship and service in the fields of Slavic or Central and Eastern European Women's Studies.

The Committee encourages the nomination of candidates at all career stages. For the purpose of this award, an independent scholar is defined as a scholar who is not employed at an institution of higher learning, or an employee of a university or college who is not eligible to compete for institutional support for research (for example, those teaching under short-term contracts or working in administrative posts). We welcome nominations from CIS and Central and Eastern Europe.

The Zirin Prize Committee will accept nominations (including self-nominations) until September 1, 2014. Nominations must include: (1) a nomination letter of be no more than two-pages double-spaced; (2) the nominee's current curriculum vitae; and (3) a sample publication (e.g., article or book chapter). The nomination letter must describe the scholar's contribution to the field, as well as work in progress.

Nominations should be sent to Marilyn Smith at, or by postal mail to Marilyn Schwinn Smith, 14 Allen Street, Amherst, MA 01002.

Graduate Essay Prize

AWSS invites submissions for the 2014 Graduate Essay Prize. The prize is awarded to the author of a chapter or article-length essay on any topic in any field or area of Slavic/East European/Central Asian Studies written by a woman, or on a topic in Slavic/East European/Central Asian Women's/Gender Studies written by a woman or a man. This competition is open to current doctoral students and to those who defended a doctoral dissertation in 2013-2014. If the essay is a seminar paper, it must have been written during the academic year 2013-2014. If the essay is a dissertation chapter, it should be accompanied by the dissertation abstract and table of contents. Previous submissions and published materials are ineligible. Essays should be no longer than 50 double-spaced pages, including reference matter, and in English (quoted text in any other language should be translated). Completed submissions must be received by September, 1 2014. For a partial list of past recipients click here.

The award carries a cash prize of $250; the winner will be announced at the ASEEES national convention in November.

Please send a copy of the essay and an updated CV to each of the three members of the Prize Committee; materials may be sent via regular mail or as email attachments. Please address any questions to the chair of the prize committee.


Adele Lindenmeyr, Ph.D., Committee Chair
Dean of Graduate Studies
Villanova University
Kennedy Hall
800 Lancaster Ave
Villanova, PA 19085 USA
Professor Janet Johnson
Associate Professor, Political Science & Women’s Studies
Brooklyn College, CUNY
2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210
Professor Adrienne Harris
Associate Professor of Russia
Baylor University
One Bear Place #97390
Old Main 313A
Waco, TX 76798-7390

AWSS-L Listserv

The AWSS listserv, located at, is a service provided to AWSS members. The listserv carries bi-weekly job lists and daily announcements of interest to members as well as discussions on current topics and problems in Eurasian/Central/Eastern European women's studies. If you would like to post a job ad, please send the relevant information to Emily Liverman ( June Pachuta Farris and other librarians and scholars are generous with research help.

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ASPASIA is an English-language international peer-reviewed yearbook that brings out the best scholarship in the field of interdisciplinary women's and gender history focused on and produced in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. This region includes such countries as Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, and Ukraine. In these countries the field of women's and gender history has developed unevenly and has remained only marginally represented in the "international" canon. Through its contributions, ASPASIA transforms "European women's history" into more than Western European women's history, as is still often the case, and expands the comparative angle of research on women and gender to all parts of Europe.

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